New user may not know too much about this exciting and content management system is the most widely used, but they will certainly expect to know a reliable anti-malware prompts, because blog is a habit, with a wide range of users. People around the world like the blog, because it gives them a sense of feeling that they have to share their voices or opinions on a vast Internet platform, most people will regularly update it as a simple hobby. Because the interface and setup process it is very easy to use, wordpress is the absolute best, most extensive CMS. User base is too large, causing the attention of hackers around the world, so that the WP has become a target for hackers. Their purpose is to shut down the system, but you can know how to protect themselves.

 You will have to do:

 # Make sure you are using the latest version of WordPress. WP will be regularly updated, you have to keep regularly updated. Sometimes, because it is not compatible with the plug-in, people do not update the role for a small small plug away risking the entire blog is not feasible. In addition, the well known hacker vulnerabilities and errors discovered in the old version. Their goal will be for all to use this version of the blog. Although you use the best antivirus help, you should also consider using the latest version.

 # For those who have multiple users can log on and register themselves, restrict administrator rights by IP address every day is not the best way. However, if you only browse the contents of the reader, you should consider the need to ensure that your home or office computer can access. By editing the .htaccess file to implement this feature, it will be an effective anti-malware protection against unnecessary or third-party intrusion.

# Use safe and highly reliable SSL certificate will also be a viable initiatives. Make sure you select a suitable host, it has taken extreme measures of protection, because if the server itself weaknesses, no matter what you do to protect your blog will be in vain. In addition, the use of security plug-in periodically scan the page to detect whether there are bots or Trojans.

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