The company’s logo is a crack in the Liberty Bell, now that their data security policy is really a rift.

AT & T’s customers to send letters informing them about having a portion of customers’ personal information is leaked the news staff of their service provider this week. The leak occurred between April 9 of this year and 21 days.

Although this information has been leaked two months time occurrence, but has become known, because the company’s report to the California regulatory agencies must comply with legal requirements, only affect over 500 customers can record. The record indicates that the leak is hiring employees from AT & T suppliers.

Although the scope of the disclosure of the impact of the door I was not very clear, but it must be of concern, because the disclosure of information including social security numbers and access that can be used in identity theft information.

In the letter, have pointed out, AT & T believes that those accounts were accessed to obtain access codes to be used, in the secondary market to unlock the mobile phone company AT & T cell phone to activate the other telecommunications providers. This activity does not affect the existing AT & T’s customers. To compensate, AT & T will provide affected customers one year free use of testing services, and urged customers to take advantage of it.

When AT & T strongly Indicate Violations of AT & T employees in violation of the policy, in FACT, it highlights Their need for a system to the policy of Control Devices and applications, Rather than Relying solely on the policy Paper. Endpoint Security and Mobile Management device in this Respect, Which Plays a very Important role.


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