Ransomware is rapidly damage the Internet, Cisco Systems report noted that some very popular sites recently distributed points through malicious ads. According to Cisco Systems careful investigation of blog sites, those sites include the popular Disney and Facebook have been infected intrusive display advertising, the ad will be downloading software program similar CryptLocker of extortion.

Cisco network applications from the monitoring of its customers cloud network security (CWS) analyze the cumulative data collected, and warned them keep malicious users who access the domain name. Cisco’s analysis identified in the past month, using RIG Development Kit (ET) sites are intrusive data network crime increased dramatically. According to Cisco because RIG ET, “we still have intercepted more than 90 user domain from 17% cloud network security (CWS)”.

Cisco has been determined that most of them were RIG sites are intrusive advertising to spread malicious software Cryptowall blackmail. This vulnerability will occur:

Silverlight: cve-2013-0074

Java: cve-2013-2465 and cve-2012-0507

Flash: cve-2013-0634

Cryptowall, as Cryptolocker and its variants, it will be the victims of data file encryption, let them use. Only pay the ransom, users can obtain keys to access their files. Cisco blog also reports that the price of an infected test server issue is $ 600, and it increased to three times the ransom.

US Department of Justice reported this week, an international event successfully interrupted distribution Cryptolocker botnet. Cisco’s report reminds the user, Cryptolocker blackmail is not the only threat. Cryptolocker success, they have produced a large number of variants and imitators.

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