Recent updates are obvious, Western countries often targeting multiple sources, such as: Syria, Afghanistan and other militant groups. But the report of Akamai’s security experts reveals a completely different story. Statistics says nearly three quarters of spam, IP addresses and traffic DDOS attacks show comes from Asia. In some countries of this world, in which Indonesia accounted for 8%, and surprisingly ranked second in China accounted for 3%. The United States has 7% attack rate. While using anti-spam prevents consumers fall into such attacks, which originated in the security agencies to try to find and control the sources. National also claimed fake IP is a big problem with this sophisticated attacks, it is largely true situation. Anyone can do to show their Indonesian and US server as the ultimate source of the attack.

Another major share records from South Korea and Taiwan and 175 countries playing host DDOS attacks in the quarter did not find a significant increase in this record. Security company that, despite the deployment of anti-spam measures and restrictions firewalls, hackers continue to gain unauthorized access and denial of service attacks. This is not only continuing, and will evolve in the new year even more intense. According to the statistics of these attacks is to establish the use of spam for most businesses and individuals a unique asset is time to change. Although low levels of attacks from the PC continues, have the ability to launch a full assault against the company is still on the rise. Companies are now struggling to find the right security expert, and the government is doing the same thing, so that their IT department to deal with a stronger attacker.

Syrian electronic army launched together the largest ever DDOS attacks. Message is displayed it from a cloud infrastructure. We need to create a better cloud server security to cope with growing attacks. Akamai has released statistical reports several Internet In recent years, consumers consider the use of antivirus software , anti-spam and firewall tools to ensure their safety in the face attack, in addition to regularly back up your data is safe Another good way.

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