Data leakage caused serious losses for customers in many ways. They need to pay high prices for rectification. They severe loss of customer confidence and business. Most importantly, data leaks can stifle e-commerce.

More and more of a serious data breach liability. The latest example occurred last May, the personal information was leaked customer class action eBay. The suit was made by the Louisiana Collin Green in US federal court.

The spill exposure time is between February and March, but they have not proved accurate. According to the suit, confirmed thieves unauthorized access to customers’ personal information, including names, encrypted passwords, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number and date of birth.

The lawsuit alleges negligence eBay, including eBay alleged unsafe method to encrypt passwords. It claims that eBay should know is far superior to hash encryption algorithm encryption method they use today.

In May this year, eBay requires 1.45 million users to change their passwords as soon as possible ,, to limit their damage. eBay also because of the incident was leaked to the press after the delay inform our customers and has been criticized. This increases customer exposure time in the financial fraud.

This disclosure relates to a 1.45 million potential victims, eBay data leak can be said that the history of the largest data breaches. It goes beyond the Target Company last fall occurred one million customers’ personal information was leaked events.

What can you do?

Endpoint Security will assess all designed to prevent data breaches anti-virus software, personal firewalls , site vulnerability detection testing and penetrant testing . According to 2012 data breach report Verison, most of the data leak occurred because of sale system even the most basic protection software such as antivirus scanning and firewall are not.

Consumers need to use anti-virus software and personal firewalls , to ensure that they are protected. In addition, also need to be alert to signs of identity theft, and keep up to date news, such as eBay and Target Company’s data leakage,


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