Comodo products known manufacturers have a lot of exclusive features, provides a comprehensive security solution. Comodo Firewall a comprehensive software, you can ensure the safety of users of private data stored on their computers. The tool received a lot of praise, because of his special protection system. One of the most attractive feature of this product is that it has a user-friendly graphical interface, even first-time users also think so. Simple buttons and a simplified functional layout, so professionals and amateurs to experience its simple design. They offer special e-mail protection , at the same time protect your data and conversations on the Internet. No cumbersome and complex configuration process. As long as you easily complete the installation process, it can be a normal operation.

The benefits of using Comodo products is most advanced features can activate themselves. For example, when you use Comodo firewall , automatic sandbox will be activated. It will create a computer and you are like a virtual machine, so that all programs can be validated to ensure authenticity. If a procedure causes an error, so that the virtual desktop crashes, it will immediately be removed. This allows you to better defend your computer, and stop any unnecessary files into the system core. In addition, the defense-oriented security software also offers the best malware protection. It is designed to prevent malicious code at an early stage and viruses, ensuring maximum protection.

Learn firewall how it works will help you make the right decisions. And anti-virus software is different, this is a completely new defense technology for scanning transmitting and receiving of data packets. For security reasons, it may block all attempts to access the computer network of the program. You can choose to allow access to what and what not to access the network, depending on your usage. Comodo Firewall also click Options, such as application controls and game modes. Use the former, you can choose what applications can be by just a click. Game Mode for regular online multiplayer experience people are useful. Once selected, it will change the appropriate setting, allowing users complete freedom with impunity connect to the network.

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