Mac OS X 被Tibet恶意软件感染,Mac也不安全了


When the Microsoft operating system has become a globally recognized operating system, some users rely on Linux and another group of users rely on Apple’s MAC systems to be more secure experience without any malicious software. Because the use of linux and Mac users too little reason, hackers often only for Windows so that you can instant access to millions of computer users around the world. Fears that private data and computer security, sometimes switching to MAC systems from malicious attacks, however, this concept has been proved wrong, the latest of Tibet malware for OS X system is completely, and seems to have made considerable success has been the use of new malware JAVA development, although recently been patched but still prevalent in the older version. This vulnerability can be hackers create backdoor access, individuals can log into the MAC system access personal files without any intrusion or security issues.

Tibet malware

MAC is a platform that hardly any malicious software targeting, but at the same time, some of the developers of the code for the operating system simple to prove its vulnerability, they emphasized that the PC security should be valued by any platform. Another similar attack is still spam, they will install a Trojan horse program into the MAC system and run a subtle ZIP file format, steal personal information is almost the only motive that malware attacks, they sometimes monitor user activity behavior.

Tibet is considered malicious software over the past three editions, the last one was discovered a year ago, the old version is the use of Office applications vulnerabilities and steal the data found in the user’s computer. Since JAVA high vulnerability, they are not required to enter any password to run, it will not require users to enter a password hint, which makes the system a high risk. Apple has used Xprotect service update and fix the problem and force the user to update to the latest version of JAVA.

For the best computer security, keep updated the primary and the best security measures. And because disabling JAVA, requires strict procedures to update, Oracle is still trying to release a free, no BUG version, you can even uninstall this particular service request, based WEB-based applications to run automatically at the command line in Central Africa, in the MAC OS X use a proxy login and guard folder process.

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