Mozilla has released the latest security updates its Firefox browser and Thunderbird mail client. The update fixes a number of vulnerabilities, including some could allow an attacker to exploit vulnerabilities generation system crashes and arbitrary code.

Three important security update fixes in this release is Firefox and Thunderbird vulnerabilities:

MFSA2014-72: repair after releasing direction set typeset text resulting from the use of loopholes. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code.

After the repair using a loophole in the collection process of release: MFSA 2014-68. This vulnerability is through the Document Object Model (DOM) and animated SVG content caused by the interaction. Potential crash may cause problems.

MFSA 2014-67: Repair Firefox or other Mozilla-based browser engine product several memory safety vulnerabilities. Some of these errors can confirm memory corruption and execute arbitrary code.

Unless the user has turned off the automatic update feature, the latest security updates automatically updates the user’s browser. If the user has turned off the automatic update feature, they can click on the Help menu in the “Check for updates ..” function for updates.

The following is an updated version:

Firefox 32

Firefox ESR 24.8

Firefox ESR 31.1

Thunderbird 31.1

Thunderbird 24.8

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