Mydoom, also known as W32.MyDoom @ mm, Novarg, Mimail.R and Shimgapi, can affect a computer worm of Microsoft Windows. It is to be found in the January 26, 2004 and became the fastest spread of e-mail worms (as of January 2004), surpassing the previous record of Sobig worm and ILOVEYOU.

Mydoom e-mail attachments and a P2P network Kazaa spread of the virus through. When the user to open and run the virus program in the annex, the virus will e-mail address of the user mailbox inside the goal, Zhao was the source of the e-mail address, send a lot of e-mail with a virus. In addition, he is also the hosts, leaving the back door can upload and execute arbitrary code.

The worm contains the text message is as follows:

“Andy, I’m just doing my job, and not for what you mean, I’m sorry.”

Mydoom in different languages, including English and issued a document, including sending the “wrong”, “Mail Delivery System,” “Test” or “Mail Send Failed” theme of the message. But the message also contains an attachment. Usually in the form of Annex .zip, after a user opens a file containing .zip, click on the text will activate the virus.

Boeing spokesman said that the company mail system mydoom traffic jam caused by the virus, leaving many people unable to use e-mail. They also warned its employees around the world, do not open e-mail with a .zip attachment. While this virus does not affect the company manufacturing and design work, but it is a nasty virus.

Here are some comments on the MyDoom virus security companies are:

F-secure on January 28 announced the MyDoom is by far the fastest spreading viruses, but also the history of the most powerful e-mail virus worms. They are also expected to spread the worm accounted for 20-30 percent of global e-mail traffic over the SoBig.F of the propagation speed.

To effectively protect your computer, keep the latest version of the antivirus and firewall is very important.

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