Trojan.FakeAV is classified as a Trojan horse, it can be you will not knowingly infecting your computer, and you can spy on your computer data leakage, download and install the rogue program from the server. It is in many ways, such as from spam containing malicious links or attachments, blog or connect to pornographic websites into the computer. If you have visited pornographic sites or other malicious websites, your computer can easily be virus attacks.

Although in many cases, it can be captured by the anti-virus program, but it is difficult to completely remove. This does not surprise every time you delete a virus, the next day you will find that it appears on your computer.

This Trojan is often used to spread malware or fake antivirus programs. Once it is downloaded, it will drop several malicious files and create several new folder in Application Data folder, allowing users to feel confused, and find how to distinguish legitimate system files. Therefore, to remove the virus has become more complicated. We recommend manually remove this stubborn Trojan.

Use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, the computer has become the main goal of these Trojans. This is because Microsoft’s Windows computer is used worldwide, from educational institutions to well-known organizations. If this virus sneak into your computer, most likely fake anti-virus software also prevented on your computer. It will run fake hair sweep, and then tell you that your computer has been infected with various viruses seriously, you have to pay for the full version of the rogue program to get rid of these nonexistent infections.

Users continue to be prompted to use a credit card to pay for software. Therefore, this Trojan to make your computer security and privacy at the highest risk. In addition, the virus takes up high resources and significantly slow down the speed of the computer, and even cause your computer often stuck. So, if it is found that Trojan.FakeAV, you must delete it immediately.

This Trojan damage Other activities include:

1. This virus will slow down your computer speed, allowing you to face difficulties in opening degree, or the Internet. Programs and websites never seem to not open

2. When you are surfing the Internet, install the antivirus keeps popping up message telling you that the computer is at risk, but you can not get rid of.

3. The virus shut down your other anti-virus and anti-spyware software. It will also infect and damage your registry, keep your computer safe.

4. This virus will turn off a lot of your running programs and disable certain features of your computer

5. System Restore will not help remove this Trojan Volume

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