When considering an upgrade to the latest operating system, when the most important question is whether you use an application that can be compatible, there’s nothing worse than finding a case has to spend money after upgrading the operating system is not working.

Well, if you use any type of product including Comodo Comodo antivirus software or firewall you do not have to worry about such problems. Whether you use the stand-alone version, Comodo Internet Security Comodo Endpoint Security or you are very safe. More importantly, you will continue to ensure safe from malware, Comodo’s unique Default Deny protection and the use of automated sandbox technology to ensure you never suffer malware.

Komodo has tested all versions, the free version has been confirmed is fully compatible with the latest version of Windows8. More importantly, the current version of antivirus software and network security suite has been redesigned with Windows8, so that he can adapt to the touch screen, desktop, laptop or tablet windows8 work it can be replaced.

Comodo without waiting windows8 popularity already logged in, we always look to the future.


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