Windows XP用户:科摩多让你复活


April 8, 2014 is the world around windows XP users D-Dday.
This is since 2001, when Microsoft first introduced an operating system is about to end its support of older versions of the operating system. XP users to upgrade to the new version of Windows is very slow, which is Microsoft created a strange phenomenon. He spoke highly of their products, it has been very stable and powerful, but they are eager to give up the old operating system user to replace the latest version.

Now, we generally do not recommend using an unsupported operating system, XP is sure to become a target for hackers, they know that if they find more Microsoft security patches from Washington, no one will stop them. Needless to say, this thing a 32-bit operating system, and the world is rapidly turning 64, you will find that the installation of new software on the older XP system more difficult.

However, we firmly believe that the decision to upgrade is your own, your computer, your software, your needs.

If you have every reason to continue to use XP system, you know, Comodo antivirus software allows you to life! We are committed to providing support for XP until 2016, virus-free guarantee.

More importantly, in this case, the default deny protection approach is more appropriate than usual, Comodo Internet Security provides protection against even the threat has not been identified, so any unproven programs are run in a sandbox security environment without any risk for your windows system and files.

Whether you use XP or other versions of the operating system, the only thing we want to determine is about the hacker attack, they will continue to create new threats, Comodo Internet Security will ensure that you have the security to deal with any threat coming.


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