Windows 7下关于防火墙的简单配置向导


Simply speaking, the wall is set up between you and you try to access the network server barrier, a firewall is to provide enhanced security. When it optimal allocation, you can get the best results and create powerful defense specifically for the site where the malware, viruses and Trojans. Although only a small number of people, this is entirely new topic, most people know the basics of using these applications, but they do not know how the malware is activated, how to configure the most popular WINDOWS operating system functions.

This simplified version of the guide can help protect you against hundreds of thousands of malicious programs attempt to gain unauthorized access to your computer. 7 The program is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows.


A step by step introduction

When you need to be more effective or more efficient for malicious intrusion protection , it begins to enable the operating system settings

  • Click “Start”, then go to “Control Panel,” click “System and Security” in the Vista system, this option is only “safe.” Once the correct area, click the “Windows Firewall” You can reach the desired page.
  • Will screen there are two types of network applicable, the home or office of a private network and the public network. A list of basic information will also be displayed here. You can easily know when your firewall is turned off, it will prompt the red mark, like green tag indicates that it is enabled.
  • Click Change Notification to change its state, you can also alert you to specify these existing and new programs. “Block all incoming connections” is the safest option.


Key points

When you choose what program is not a program list will be blocked, allowed the program will be able to receive incoming connections display. Only in this way, you can not have any problems when you call or play online games.

For those who can not find the program, you can manually add

Relying on a firewall provided by the operating system is a very basic and necessary actions, you can also choose a well-known award-winning Comodo Firewall , developed by a strong foothold in the field of network security company. Kemoduoti supply a lot of the characteristics of the ultimate end-user protection. Please recognize the need for network security and the use of certified software protection.

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